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"I have had an interest is the stars and their meaning for as long as I can remember. My relationship with Astrology however, started when I was about 10 years old, but only had the opportunity to formally study it in my adult years.I have been practicing as a professional Astrologer from 2001 and it has enriched my life immensely. I studied with leading South African astrologer Rod Suskin and currently tutor some of his students as well as teach my own foundation course.

Astrology is a wonderful tool for understanding ourselves, our loved ones and the people we interact with in life. It helps us grow and gives wisdom, clarity and acceptance. Astrology helps us understand the cycles of our life and the unfolding of the promise in our birth chart.

It helps us by giving us insight into the times of change in our lives, and ensures that we can therefore benefit from certain periods in our life. It also gives us a deeper understanding of the challenging times and how to work through them. We can also use Astrology to describe our relationships and with that understanding making more informed choices."


Dianne has written horoscopes for multiple local magazines such as Elle  and Odyssey and some smaller publications over the years.

She has been featured in Fair Lady (July 2019), Huisegenoot Magazine (Dec 2019), You Magazine (2018), as well as Cosmopolitan online magazine in 2017 and was named as one of the top 10 global influences in astrology in the world last year (see article here).

Dianne is currently collaborating with Brady Toups for his project 'Soul Games' (see article here) and was featured on his podcast The Unravel Podcast (listen here).

She has also produced a 4 lecture introduction to Astrology workshop: The Ancient Gift of Astrology with Christa Black (click here for more).

To find out more about Dianne, listen here to her featured interview with Leigh Bremridge on Bareback Stories with LeighLive and Xposed with Leigh and Berti.

What is Astrology?

To most people Astrology is reading the horoscope column in the local magazine or news paper, a little light entertainment.

However, there is much more to Astrology than that. The origin of Astrology dates back to approximately 4000 yrs BC in ancient Babylon, it has a long and rich history and is an important part of our culture that we have unfortunately forgotten or choose to ignore.However it is still successfully used by vast numbers of people today.Real Astrology is very different to the popular culture Astrology that we read in magazines. It can and is used alongside counselling, is associated with psychotherapy and provides a guide to our character. But there are many more uses for Astrology (refer to ‘Readings’ page).

Real Astrology does not just consider one’s Sun sign (the sign that the Sun is in at the time of year that one is born) also known as the Zodiac sign, but a chart is drawn up for the moment and place of one’s birth and all the elements and positions of the planets are considered to give one insight into one’s character, temperament and manner as well as the potential of one’s life and the unfolding thereof.

The Ascendant (this is the sign on the horizon at the time of one’s birth), the Moon and The Sun in a persons chart all carry equal weight when judging the character, that is why 2 people can be born on the same day and yet be very different.

The “discovery” of this goes back the ancient Babylon, where people first began to observe that the movements of the bodies in the sky were related to the seasons. Their need to plan harvests and predict the weather led them to make more detailed observations. Over time, more sophisticated observations enabled the great Astrologers to develop systems and methods of deeper understanding and correlations between these heavenly bodies and our lives here on earth. Hence the phrase “As Above, So Below”.

So, Astrology is the interpretation of the heavens relating to our personal lives. It is seen by Astrologers as one of the sacred languages of God. And is a gift given to us to use wisely.


Reading Consultations


Readings can either be a personal face to face consultation, telephonic consultation or skype consultation and are about 1 hour in duration. All readings are recorded for your convenience.

Birth or Natal Chart Reading

This is the interpretation of your birth chart – the moment in time that you were born - the assessment of your potential and the promise that your life holds. A means to understanding yourself and your life, bringing meaning to, and dealing with everyday issues. A process of how to make the best of what you have. This reading includes an overview the cycles of the 12 to 18 months ahead.

Predictive Reading

The unfolding of the promise in your chart. Helping you to understand your life cycles, and how to use them to your benefit and the timing of making changes, therefore making informed decisions.

Synastry (Relationship) Reading

A deeper understanding of the interaction between you and your partner, your children, your friends and business partners. The way we project our own issues onto one another, and how to deal with this. Giving you deeper insight into your relationship difficulties as well as the easy aspects. How to use the easy aspects of your relationships to better the relationship.

Your Children's Charts

Helping you to understand your children and their development cycles, and use this information to improve yourself as a parent and understanding your child’s real talents and needs as well as difficulties.

Career Guidance

A guide to help you find your true passion, talent and purpose in life. Am I in the right job? If not, what should I be doing?

Relocation and Astrocartography

Understand how geographical changes can impact on your personality and your life. Use this information to plan changes to your benefit!

Electional Astrology

Decisions are all about timing. When is the right time to take on a new project, start a business, get married, sell your house, or in fact make any important decision? Electional astrology can help you to pinpoint the right moment to make any of these changes.

Horary Astrology

The technique of asking a specific question through astrology to attain a specific answer. For example - Should I sell my house? Will I sell my car this month? My cat has gone missing - Where is it? Will I get it back?


Elsje Oosthuizen

I came to see you early in 2020 (16 March) right before our lives changed with the pandemic! I wanted to share with you a couple of things that's happened in my life. Things you've called from our first meeting 4 years ago. :) I'm sure you won't be able to remember my details exactly, but maybe it triggers something for you. - 4 years ago you made it so clear I should actually own my own business or be in a 50/50 scenario. I avoided you and that comment twice :) - I now own 2 businesses; one 100% by myself, the other is a 50/50. But they're mine. - In my last session you said to me I need to hang on to the year ahead, it was going to be a rough ride. You told me I'm good with little money in general, which is a good thing because it will be a rough year. I need to bite my lip with my boss - and you told me August / September will be a swing into a new direction but January 2021 will really see things turn. Well.. I left your office on the 16th, had a call in my car outside your house with my MD. I heard I won't be receiving an increase in 2020, later that year I had 2 more salary cuts. It was such a difficult year with my MD - beyond, he was very different, I rode the wave as best I could. August till November I created this 50/50 owned business with a friend. September I had a job interview with a company - didn't get the job, but the idea of it really lifted a very dark mood. December I decided it's time to start my own, signed a client in a day - January I broke even in month one - which looked unlikely initially. 2020 was a pivotal year for me. I remember my recording with you didn't work the last time, looking back I'm so grateful it didn't, I would have absolutely obsessed. What I did was dig deep, really developed myself internally, meditated, read, worked through so much - made beautiful friendships who have leveled me up beyond understanding, shook those who didn't uplift me at all. A thank you for the guidance and the notes. I was prompted to share an update with you - Oer would I dare say, a 5-year span with you. Both sessions with you has served me beyond well.

Storm Roger

I've been speaking to Dianne for almost 8 years now, and I felt compelled to write about my experience with her as I feel tremendous gratitude. Dianne is firstly exceptional at understanding, interpreting and translating our natal chart. She is an Astro wizard of sorts and has a connection to astrology and it’s deeper soul meaning that is profound. In all of my sessions Dianne not only discusses transits, planetary influences ect. She brings in a form of spiritual coaching that guides, advises and supports you through each years changing energies. She is able to pin point where you are needing to focus or work on yourself so that you can accomplish what your soul came to do in this life. She does this in a rational, detailed but extremely loving way. Dianne has a goal of helping you to realize your truest most authentic self, and is able to use the accuracy of astrology to help do this. For me, working with Dianne, has brought clarity, growth, self awareness. And also a deep compassion for my journey and it’s “shadow” aspects that I did not have before. Thank your Dianne, you are an incredible healer, guide and Astro wizard!

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